First Class Mobile Detailing Services

Lite Detail (New)

Small - $85

Midsize - $95 

Large - $105 

XL/3rd Row - $125 

*Recommended every 3-4 weeks

Foam Bath and Rinse(to keep swirls away)
Rim Face, Barrel, Wheel Wells and Tires Cleaned
Hand Wash with Microfiber Mitts using 2 Bucket method and PH Neutral Soap
Towel Dry Vehicle and Blow Off with Compressed Air
Full Interior  Vacuum and Blow Out with Compressed Air

Leather or Vinyl Seat Wiped Down
Streak  Free Windows Inside/Out

Interior Wipe Down (Dash, Console and Cup Holders,
  Door Jams and Panels)

Rubber Floor Liners or Mats Vacuumed  or Cleaned
Tires Dressed (360 Degrees)
Spray Wax Exterior



Mobile Travel Fee                       $25 and up


Exterior Hand Wash                    $25-$45

Interior Lite Wipe Down              $10-$20

Pet Hair Removal                         $25-$50

Engine Bay Cleaning                   $50

Rim Polishing                                $25 Each


Iron Removal (White Vehicles)    $50 - $100


Headliner                                      $25 


Headlight Restoration                  $49   or $25 for single

Leather Cleaned                           $30 and up

Leather Conditioned                     $30 and up

Shampoo Carpet                           $75 and up

Tires Cleaned and Dressed         $20

Windows Cleaned Streak Free    $10

Car Seat Cleaned/Sanitized         $45

Concrete Garage Cleaning          $100

Concrete Driveway Cleaning       $100

Concrete Patio Cleaning              $150

Sanitize and Deodorize                $50

*Prices based on vehicle size.  Price based on 2 car garage.  Call for larger garages and garage/driveway combinations.

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First Class Mobile Detailing Services

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